Why prepaid cards can be used instead of bank accounts

Prepaid cards have a combination of both debit and credit card features. It works like a debit card by only spending the funds that are already loaded into it. It works in the same manner as credit cards but there is no need to take out a loan, and it is a way for you to control your spending and work within the budget.


Why people need alternatives for bank accounts

Debit prepaid cards are popular nowadays and are often used to be the primary card for online payments. There are many people who don’t have a proper bank account. Because of this, it makes it more challenging for them to process transactions that require the use of a credit card like booking a reservation for a hotel stay. Applying for a credit card calls for a lot of requirements such as a bank account and a good credit score. People who don’t qualify can use prepaid cards for online purchases since they are much simpler to get.

For deposits 

Another way that a prepaid card can work like a savings or checking account is that you can deposit paychecks directly to them. Each prepaid card comes with its own unique account number and routing number, making these types of transactions possible. Prepaid cards are also secure payment systems. Anyone can easily fund some of the prepaid cards from anywhere they are in the world. 

How do prepaid card work

Prepaid debit cards work similarly to a regular bank account without having to deal with an actual bank. It allows you to deposit your money through cash deposit into the card by reloading with cash, bank transfer, and payments through online payment services.  However, unlike those accounts, the money that you save up in your card will not earn any interest. Yet, the interest rates of some financial institutions are very low, and the fees for using debit cards are such as a small amount. You don’t even need to keep a maintaining balance for many prepaid cards, and if you own a bank account that requires a maintaining balance, you’ll know that the fees for going below the minimum can be quite high. 

Prepaid card costs

The rates and fees charged for the use of prepaid debit cards depend on the type of card you get and from where. There are some companies that charge you a set amount for every transaction with a different amount for ATM withdrawals, online payments, balance inquiries, and so on. It is important to read through the terms and conditions before choosing a card since the fine print may contain other fees that can eat into the money you load into the card significantly if you aren’t careful. There are some who even charge a set amount for monthly maintenance on top of transaction fees. Online payment services usually have better rates and don’t require monthly payment as well. It is only a matter of finding one that charges less while offering the features you want.